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how to make your post or contents blog is more expressive

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Subang,15 mei 2010
Old great friend hi and young wherever you lie, we meet again in Trik's event and Tips :D.. In this time episode we will try to work through about "How to Makes Postingan / Content Blog Is More Expressive. Fathom a meaning what this?

if at services Blog any other one for example Wordpress, each us typepad this sign :) therefore that emerging is pictured it:) , if is this sign :p there fore that emerging pictured it :p etc.. Nha if such is cannikin will make blog we becomes more it expressive. Unhappily divides we who use to service at Blogger not get that facility. But  peace fella, in Trik and this time Tips we will try to work through how so for us what do use service Blogger can as which be at Wordpress. Its stage is enough is easily, 

1. Log in to go to blogger trus vote for Layout-->> Edit HTML
2. Mark off to hit on answer that really, eh, fathom a meaning on Expand Widget Templates
3. Sought for this code]]> (its position approximately at left positioning middle part)
4. Insert script hereunder a hair's breadth under code]]>

Don't forget to be kept, and tries your  posting by uses that code, Successful goodlucky. if fails to try again, if stills to fail attempt yes once more, if stills to fail again mybe its server again down or it really because you less profit. :D

This following is many standard smile's codes that can be utilized:

:) --> :)
:D.--> :D
:$ --> :$
:( --> :(
:p--> :p
;) --> ;)
:k--> :k
:@ --> :@
:# --> :#
:x--> :x
:o--> :o
:L--> :L
:O--> :O
:r--> :r
:y.--> :y
:t--> :t
:s--> :s
:~ --> :~
:v--> :v
:f--> :f
:d.--> :d
:c--> :c
:z.--> :z

Before adds is its code, shall at space before.
to while that before, icon smile hereafter is still deep observational at laboratory:D
by : yhoga

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