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custom rom samsung galaxy s3 gt-9300 jelly bean( UltimaROM v6.0 )

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I'm using this ROM as my daily driver and as such it'll be updated frequently whenever there are new developments, such as in the base ROM, kernel or modems or updates to Master Vertumus' Jelly Bean Domination.

You start with a stock ROM + JB Domination and choose any mods you want to include with your install!

 The AROMA installer is being used to give you the choice of what is installed. There is also a bloatware removing option for those that like to do that.

 No need to wipe data in CWM beforehand. Can be done from the installer. Super Wipe and Normal Wipe included.

 Installer will automatically clear dalvik cache and cache - just choose flash straight away!

 CWM Recommended. CWM5 Compatible. TWRP Not Compatible!

 Official ZSDLK2 4.1.1 Jellybean.
 Jelly Bean Domination - True AOSP style
 AOSP Lockscreen
 AROMA Installer 2.56
 OTA Updates (in beta)
 Good battery life
 Bloatware Remover Option
 Essential Apps included, Install optional
 Custom Launchers Option
 Extended power menu
 Build.prop Tweaks
 Custom Boot Animations
Google Galaxy Nexus 4
 AOSP Keyboard and Android 4.2 Keyboard
 Google GenieWidget and Wallet included (Wallet USA only)
 Galaxy Nexus 4.2 Camera and Gallery included
 Galaxy Nexus 4 Wallpapers included
 Nexus Mode option
 AOSP/Nexus/CM10 Sounds pack option
 52 ICS Blue Wallpapers included
Samsung Galaxy Note II
 Samsung Smart Rotation
 Samsung Galaxy Note II Camera (Themed) and Gallery option
 Inverted Play Store Themed Blue (Latest version 3.9.17)
 Inverted YouTube Themed Blue (Latest version 4.1.23)
 Inverted Dropbox Themed Blue (Latest version 2.2)
 Inverted GMail Themed Blue (Latest version 4.2)
 Inverted Jelly Bean Calendar Option
 Google Play Music Players Option
 AOSP MMS, E-mail and Browser apps options
 Internal2External SD Script option
 Multiple 15 Toggles options
 Multiple 1% Battery options
 Transparent Accuweather Widget with Blue Date
 Blue Date Lockscreen Clock
 Call Recording Option
 Centred Clock Option
 Long Press Volume to change tracks
 MegaBassBeats Audio option
 Latest SuperSU and su binary 

Copy the UltimaROM file to your Galaxy S3's internal SD card.
Turn off your Galaxy S3.
Boot into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding down the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
Make a NANDroid Backup by selecting Backup and Restore. Select Backup.
Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Confirm the action on the next screen.
Select Install ZIP from SD card.
Select Choose ZIP from SD card and then select the UltimaROM file.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Select Reboot System Now.

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