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Difference Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and After Shave...

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For you the metrosexual guy or girl socialite. you have to understand this one, or even already in the know? ok I want you to know who do not understand it deh.

If you buy a perfume must be a bit confused when attention was - indeed some of the terms used in the world of fragrance or the world's perfume is. The term is used tuh there are many, such as

- Soie de Perfume
- Eau de Parfum
- Eau de Toilette
- Eau de Cologne
- After Shave
- Eau Fraiche

What exactly does it mean and why should the term - the term used?

Actually used the term originated many of the makers / industrial fragrances / perfume that creates a standard for its product mix.

Pure Perfume itself is actually a fragrance extract with a concentration of between 15% -30% of fragrance oil (others may be a mixture of water or alcohol) and can last more than 6 hours if used. some brands offer their products with this type, but usually very rare and expensive.

Soie de Perfume is an unusual kind on the market as pure perfume commercial, with a concentration of 15% -18% perfume oil, can last about 3-6 hours if used

Eau de Perfume is a little common type on the market with oil concentration between 8% -15% and lasted approximately 3-5 hours if used, the price is slightly more expensive than the concentrated fragrance, depending on the brand and type

Eau de Toilette is a very common type on the market fragrance industry, perfume oil concentration contained approximately between 4% -10% and lasted between 3-4 hours if used. This type usually reserved for the strongest kind of parfume man.

Eau de Cologne is a kind of a concentration of 2% -5% oil and can last up to 3 hours. first time this type are very popular but not as much as it's been used, generally for the type of women's perfume, still less common for male perfume.

After Shave (A / S) is a type of oil to the mixture with a concentration of 3% or less, and can last approximately 2-3 hours and is quite common in various perfume brands. Usually on or after shave balm containing aloe (Aloe vera) is used to soothe the pores after shaving for men, and the alcohol content also serves to close the pores again.

Eau Fraiche is a type that is not common for a large industry with a mix of less than 3% and lasted only about 1 hour. Also commonly referred to as the Mist Perfume or Splash.

The word "Eau de" is used for some of the terms above in English means "water of". It is also common words "pour homme" (French language) which means it is for men or in English means "for men" while his opponent is "pour femme" or for women.

Well if you wear what I asked her perfum, it can be much less stable answer, at least we know the type. If I own two kinds of hell pake, Aigner Blue Emotion made a rather strong at the Giorgio Armani Acqua Gio for men made in the soft. Both the Eau de Toilette. What is this your own life?

It was a little more knowledge about the perfume, may be useful alias not stupid - really stupid if ditanyain. For you who do not so this ma priority needs, is now a much cheaper solution (even if not much different diitung I think) to get a top brand fragrances, many stores that provide extract or essence fragrance of starting his own concoction of aromatic plants and flowers or also some imitating famous brands.
"Perfume is my life"

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