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Vince Camuto Launches Men's Scent

With every great women's scent should come a men's scent, right? That's Vince Camuto'sthoughts exactly, or what we prefer to think. Camuto is now following up with a luanch of his first men's scent after a successful launch of his women's scent last year.  
Like the woman's scent, the men's product will bear the brand logo and name (it's family crest) and to add a tough of masculinity, the bottle's surface is tightly wrapped in black leather.
The new scent, produced by licensee Parlux Fragrances, is set to launch August 15th. 
The fragrance has been said to be one that is boldly fresh, a 'woodsy' blend. 
Vince Camuto's Men Scent
It's been a year since Parfums Givenchy launched Dahlia Noir at Neiman Marcus; the two have now decided to team up again to introduce Givenchy's Eaudemoiselle on August 5th. 
The musky fragrance made it's debut internationally in 2010 but was only distributed to major European markets and the Middle East. On the day of August 5th however, they will introduce this scent in all 42 doors and online of Neiman Marcus.  
The Vice President and Divisional Merchandise Manager of Cosmetics and Fragrance at Neiman Marcus told WWD, “We love Givenchy — the designer, the classic brand — and the fragrance is exquisite,” said Hazel Wyatt, Neiman’s vice president and divisional merchandise manager of cosmetics and fragrance. “We are marketing it in every vehicle we have: The Book, NM Direct, the Christmas Book, the Beauty Event [gift] bag and the holiday Scent Event bag, and a lot of exposure in the stores.”
Will you step foot or head online to Neiman Marcus to get and check out Eaudemoiselle deGivenchy?

We've heard it before, and we're hearing it again, but this it more 'true' than before? Skip the gym and lose weight with a new slimming fragrance launched by French perfume house Robertet and Veld's.  The fragrance named Prends Moi, meaning 'take me' in French, promises to slim and trim with pleasure. 
How does it work? Apparently the parfum releases B-endorphins in the skin, which you may already know theoretically make you happy, which in hopes, will decrease the desire to overeat. 

Photo: Prends-Moi

Other ingredients in the parfum include caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina extract.  All of these together formulate into a "slimming complex" that works to activate enzymes involved in your body's ability to break down fat. 
Will you choose to diet, exercise, or spray some perfume...that's all up to you...but do tell, which one would you choose? Would you tryPrends Moi by Robertet and Veld's?

Now, more than ever, does it feel we are changing up our manicures to try the next trendy nail look. But when it comes to doing the switch-a-roo, we hate the fumes of the nail polish removers, don't you? That's why we were more than ecstatic to find out there are some polish removers that DON'T give off a nasty, alchohol chemical fume odor.  

A few favorites include those that smell of floral bouquets, candy, and some fab fruity aromas. 
Go ahead, pause, and take a sniff of roses.  Deborah Lippmann has a product called The Stripper Lavender Lacquer Remover Twist-Lock Pump that is ever so lightly scented with a calming and hydrating lavender scent. 
Essie, well known nail polish brand, has a 'Naturally Clean Purifying Polish Remover' that disgueses it's removing chemical scents with a sweet pea perfume. 

We didn't have to go undercover for this one, the new James Bond 007 fragrance launches next month at Harrods and aims to "capture the mojo of the on-screen and literary here".  
Proctor and Gamble Co. and Eon Productions (the production company behind all the Bond Films) have come together to create the new scent, in perfect timing for the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film frachise? Coincidence? We think not. 

The fragrance contains notes of fresh apple, caradom, sandalwood, and vetiver. 
According to WWD“The aromatic feugere fragrance family came to prominence in the Sixties — it was unmistakably masculine — mossy and ferny,” said Bill Brace, vice president of fashion brands for P&G Prestige.
“But that was a while ago, so we wanted to move it on and give it much more modern and sophisticated shell, which is why there’s fresh apple, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver.”
The fragrance was created in tandem with Givaudan and Eon Productions.
The eau de toilette will be available in 30-ml., 50-ml., 75-ml. and 125-ml. sizes ranging in price from $30 for the 30-ml. bottle to $65 for the largest size.

We're beyond impressed. Lady GaGa has got it going on with her new FAME fragrance coming out in a month. Check out a second unveiling of the creation of FAME here. Just as eery and creepy as the first unveiling video?

Dolce and Gabbana has announced their new, glamorous face for their origianl sent Pour Femme; it's been confirmed that Laetita Casta, French model and actress, will be the new face of their fabulous fragrance campaigns. 
According to Domenico and Stefano“Laetitia has always bewitched us with her sensual and natural charisma: she is the perfect interpretation of a Dolce&Gabbana woman of today”. The newly relaunched Pour Femme fragrance is finely tuned version of the original scent, with neroli and rasperry notes in the mix. 

Sniffapalooza Diptyque Volutes Master Class & Avant-Premiere

Who doesn't love a fragrance get together? Exactly why we couldn't help ourselves in sharing this fun scent event happening Saturday August 4th in NYC.
Sniffapalooza, an event-based group of fragrance aficionados, is hosting a 'sultry Summer sensory event to give you an incredible whiff of fragrance explosion'. 
Teaming up with Diptyque, who has created something exclusively for the Sniffapalooza members and those attending the Master Class and Avant-Premiere of a new collection, this is a must attend type of event.
Photo Courtesy:
Want to expereience this rare opportunity and have the privelege of avant-premiering Diptyque's latest masterpieces, Volutes and the new Eau de Parfum Collection, before they are revealed to the rest of the country in October!? Then you should RSVP yes and register now!
Get all details here and let us know if you'll attend!

The 'sister' of Daisy and LolaDot, Marc Jacob's latest scent, has recently launched and Marc Jacobs takes it to Youtube to discuss his latest fragrance; from the face of the fragranceCodie Young, to the packaging, bottle design, and none the less, the fragrances feature notes.
Photo Courtesy: Jacobs
As talked about in the video here, Dot features notes of red berries, dragon fruit, honeysuckle, jasmine, orange blossom, coconut water, while vanilla, musk and driftwood.
Are you a fan of Marc Jacob's fragrances?
She's the sweetest b*%ch you'll ever meet, but her second fragrance she's fronting is pretty close to being the sweetest of all!
Jersey Shore's Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola has partnered with Dangerous Company for her second fragrance, Dangerous Desires.  The new fragrance contains notes of orange, grapefruit, melon, apricot, asmanthus, peach, wild orchid, musk, sandalwood, coconut, and dark plum.
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