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Cara Rubah Tampilan Galaxy Wonder ke S3 | Remix ICS

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Cara Rubah Tampilan Samsung Galaxy Wonder ke Samsung Galaxy S3

Step by step
1. wipe data,cache,dalvik cache and format system
2. install rom (no need for gapps as it is included)
4. wipe data,wipe cache,dalvik cache and FIX PERMISSIONS
5. Reboot system
6. Wait till full boot of your phone
Base: CM9 beta 4 by Arco68

Samsung GALAXY S 3 Like UI
Samsung GALAXY S 3 TouchWiz Nature UX Launcher
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Stock Wallpapers
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Live Wallpapers - Deep Sea and Luminous Dots
Samsung GALAXY S 3 UI Sounds
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Shutter Sound
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Lock , Unlock Sounds
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Icons
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Ringtones
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Alarms
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Notifications
Samsung GALAXY S 3 Like Phone Dialer
Samsung GALAXY S 2 Style Call Receive
TouchWiz like Status Bar
Andrew Neal's Version of DeskClock
Tweaked SystemUI and framework-res
Sony Walkman Music App
Edited Phone , Contacts and Messaging App
Added latest Google Apps
Apollo Music Player
Black Hole Live Wallpaper
Gummy Bean Live Wallpaper

Version of 23/10/12: RemICS 1.6

Gapps here: you need to install it

Team remics
Arco68 for building cm9 for our device.
Source : XDA FORUM

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