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Galaxy W | MIUI 2.12.7 | Jellybean | Multilanguange

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Custom Rom Galaxy Wonder I8150 | MIUI 2.12.7 | Jellybean | Multilanguage

ROM Information :
Name : MIUI
Latest version : 2.12.7
Base : Arco's CM10 Alpha (Build 3) by Arco68

What's working :
Receiving and making calls

HW accelerated gui
HW accelerated video
Wifi/USB tethering

Proximity sensor
USB mass storage
Not working:
Vsync required for full project butter experience

Artifacts in preview for panorama shots
Green color when taking pictures (saved picture is ok though)
USB tethering must be activated twice if it's the first boot
The fix for HSDPA causes an issue with APN's in Jelly Bean if you use SIM pin lock. To workaround that turn on and off airplane mode after entering pin code.

Languages included (Multilang) :
English (MarkHUK & iBotPeaches)
Chinese (Xiaomi)
Polish (Acid)
Dutch (Kees-Jan)
Italian (Mish)
Korean (IAmGhost)
Spanish (Ehrans)
Danish (1982Strand)
Russian (KDG & malchik-solnce)
Arabic (silent_4)
Ukrainian (KDG & Vlaaaad)
German (Gerret84, bitti09, bobquentok)
Hebrew (Catbaxter)
Hungarian (vagyula) - EXCLUDED in 2.12.7 FOR 1234512454 BUGS
Slovak (ingbrzy)
Czech (kynio & zeduaz)
Greek (FinN)
Turkish (Özgür Yalçin)
Vietnamese (nqduy)

Credits :
XIAOMI/MIUI dev and fans all over the world
All XDA members

Download : 
MIUI 2.12.7 Multilang Alpha 2 10-12-2012 [Download]
MD5 :BAD6904BE4852EC7292B91D2536E0F68
SHA1 :2E726E502A5B515D230DA241E9A965C84ACC45F6
CRC32 :8D035707
Updated base to Arco's CM10 Alpha (Build 3)
Added Multilang
Removed Legacy Camera
Added build.prop tweak
Packet to kernel 3.0 [Download]
MD5 :6231747FD750ACC58ACF2FE95332183C
Packet to kernel 2.6 [Download]
MD5 :78B78FA2880304676E7CFB61A5CC941E
MIUI 2.12.7 Alpha 1 09-12-2012 [Download]
MD5 :6BB72C0FFE0A0FED6261A6290AE147BE
SHA1 :1D37AA8F5D4AAC7CB7BDD8874F9363F5A8951895
CRC32 :953E3E1C
Added MIUI keyboard, equalizer and weather from
Added 4-way reboot
Themed camera (do not flash gapss Picasa addons)
Added JB control panel
gapps version 11-10-2012 [Download]
MD5SUM: 4e9e7ec3c22b0b3471bd05d62b8a659d

Please do not fix permission via new CWM, it screw some files permission ! i'm not tried older version. I will set permission if necessary on every files i provide, so please don't fix permission.
For every additional/patch files you don't need to wipe cache/dalvik or fix permission, i will do if necessary.

Screenshoot :

       Custom Rom Galaxy Wonder I8150 | MIUI 2.12.7 | Jellybean | Multilanguage
Source : XDA FORUM

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